Theory about Korra (not very spoilerish)

Am I the only one who thinks she’s going to lose her bending?

Like Aang after the Day of the Black Sun. She’s going to have to lose everything she thinks is important first and then get back up onto her feet.

Korra has always been about the physical side of the Avatar. Perfect at the bending, not at the spiritual side. I think she’s going to get it taken away, and then be forced to look at what being the Avatar really means.

(Like going into the spirit world after a long depression. Going penguin-sledding with Aang. Then- after finding out how Amon got his powers, I’m looking at you Koh- coming back and fighting Amon on his, non-bending terms, and proving that it’s not us vs. them. That she’ll still fight for benders even if she’s not one, because that’s what equality is really about. And then…BAM…Avatar state bitches).