There are seven of us in the house and only one fridge.

BUT someone dumped a fridge-freezer in our back garden last night

so today there was a solemn moment where we actually considered bringing it into the house.

director-hill said: Follow up to the Yarrow thing: if he's a soldier then riding a horse could work, as he likely knows how (unless he's a modern soldier they don't do that as much??), and especially if he's more "practical". But if he's into using magic when he can I like the idea of changing it up however he needs to to get somewhere, or I really like the idea of temporary magically stimulated legs that return to normal after a while and maybe hurt when they do bc I like the idea that magic can't fix everything

He’s a modern soldier but him in the parallel world (also a soldier) would have had horses as the main source of transport so.

Am I a terrible person for thinking that magically stimulated legs is almost too easy?

(god I just re-read my first draft and found him in a scene, dancing! dancing casually! the main character didn’t know it was him and it was a masked ball and he was there for like three lines but i just saw it and went ‘FUCK. THAT’S WHAT I WAS TRYING TO AVOID.’ .so i’m going to have to work this out alot faster than i thought. stupid parallel worlds. stupid minor characters that you dont notice)

Brigitte, upon finding out that I have a hot tap back home.

fbstj said: so they Yarrow summons random different kinds of transport mechanisms each time they need to move? sometimes legs (which are hard to summon/keep around) or less practical legs are easier, and wheels or your floating clouds or other things?

Huh that’s an idea. Something different each time.

@director-hill said: It might help to know why he can’t walk? Does he have no legs? Do they just not support hm? Was he born with his disability? The most appropriate solution might be different depending on these answers

Oh that’s an excellent point thank you.

He’s a former soldier, he received an injury to his back that paralyzed him from the waist down. However that was several decades ago (he is quite elderly) so while he still has his legs the muscles are very withered.

I should also mention that the parallel world is a ‘magical medieval-type kingdom’ so technology isn’t much of an option.

miss-ann-thropic answered: You seen Avatar the last airbender? Teo and Toph are 2 that turn disabilities to strengths. What’s he good at? air magic? craft magic?

Trying to avoid spoilers here, but kind of seasonal/nature ish powers? It’s tied in with alot of Britain’s mythology.

So I have this disabled character, Yarrow. He can’t walk.

My book has a parallel world in it, where magic is the norm. There he’s part of the hero team, or at least will be. He will have magic.

But obviously, I don’t want to erase his disability because, guess what, telling people they can only be heroes if their disability is ~magically fixed~ is pretty damn problematic.

But parallel!Yarrow still needs to get around.

Just not by walking.

So I was thinking: flying? Floating on a cloud (yes I watched dragonball Z shut up). Just…putting him on a horse? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said: Hi I'm Religion!Anon thank you and the other anon :) I see things more clearly now. I just thought I did something wrong or didn't really get it. I found my Religion in times of trouble and then I stayed and... I feel 45% better all the time now? which is a lot for me

Oh good! I’m so glad things are getting better for you.

Anonymous said: To religion!anon: Seriously, as an atheist I do consider every religion to be a mythology, but that doesn't mean I get to be rude and disrespectful to believers. People like that are assholes, period. (sorry, but things like that make me angry. I mean, believe what you want and let other people believe what they want, right?)

Well said. Religion, whether you agree with it or not, tends to be part of a person’s identity. Being polite about it (within reason) isn’t hard.

Anonymous said: hello! Do you have an opinion about where mythology ends and where religion starts? People have been mocking me and said that my religion is not religion but old mythology...

Mythology just seems to be the term for (usually older) religions that are no longer socially acceptable to believe in. While they may say that your belief has long since been disproved, atheists would say the same about any religion. Either way, anyone mocking you seems to believe that what’s the norm is what’s correct. Which, when you think about it, isn’t very logical.

Unless they say this because they think their religion is the only correct one, which is a can of worms I’m not prepared to open.

Anonymous said: Hi! Sorry if this has been asked for, but what sort of music do you like?

I have a ‘music’ tag but that’s….mostly music that’s not actually on my ipod.

I listen to pretty much anything because being a music snob was no fun and liking everything is so much more relaxing.

That being said the largest genre on my ipod is soundtracks? I like big epic sweeping instrumental stuff. Then rock music. That being said. Little Mix’s ‘Wings’ is really fun? And also the line ‘my Anaconda DONT’ has been in my head for the past week.